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V-Steam For Her

v-steam The purpose of the V-Steam is to aid as an internal cleanser of the membranes of the vaginal tissues and the uterus. This is considered especially important for stagnant fertility conditions, and/or incomplete emptying of menses each cycle. V-Steams may also provide menstrual support, eliminate yeast infections and other vaginal bacteria, increase cervical fluids, relax vaginal canal and cervix, nourish and tone the uterine lining, prevent and ease bladder and kidney stones and more. Also called Yoni, Vagi- Steam, The Vaginal Steam Bath, Hip Bath & Womb Treatment, Bajos, Bertangas, and chai-yok. To Book Your Session, Fill out the V-Steam Client Intake Form


his-steamHis Steam Bath is a therapy used to relieve pain and inflammation, hemorrhoids, prostate disorders, and more. This ancient healing practice has been used for thousands of years and has extraordinary benefits for prostate therapy, erectile dysfunction, impotence, hemorrhoids, metabolism, immune system, bacterial infections, stress, and the respiratory system. To Book Your Session, Fill out the His Steam Client Intake Form

The Womb Smudge

The Womb Smudge is designed to cleanse you, helping to relax and rejuvenates you. Studies on The Womb Smudge have shown that the resins of frankincense & myrrh are anti-bacterial, anti-fungal. They assist with yeast infection, have an 100% cure rate against parasite strains, and resist tumor cells in breasts & prostate.


V-Steam /Abdominal Therapy (Also called Yoni, Vagi- Steam, The Vaginal Steam Bath, Hip Bath & Womb Treatment, Bajos, Bertangas, and chai-yok.) $60.00 (Sale: $50.00)
His Steam / Heat Therapy $60.00 (Sale: $50.00)
V-Steam Couple Session / Heat Therapy $100.00
V-Steam Party for 6 [2 hrs]
Come and experience a V-Steam & Pole Party your closest Girlfriends. Enjoy a glass of cold tea while you rejuvenate your body. Relax, Detox and De-stress and laugh the night away. Must Be Paid In Full In Advance.
"Keep It Tight" Keep It Right" V Steam & Pole Party for up to (6) Guests
Thinking of something different to do. Hosting a special event such as: Birthday, Girls Night Out; Bridal Celebration, Divore Party or Just Because..... Be the First to host "Keep It Tight" "Keep It Right" V Steam & Pole Party! Your party will be the talk all over town. Come and experience a V-Steam & Pole Party your closest Girlfriends. Enjoy a glass of cold tea while you rejuvenate your body. Relax, Detox and De-stress after having a blast learning fun and sexy aerial pole tricks. Which includes spins, climbs and sexy floor work into a complete dance routine with a pole instructor. No Refreshments are allowed with this package. Please make sure your guests bring shorts so they can enjoy what B.I.M has to offer. Bring your own music or we can provide it for you. Don’t forget to bring your camera to capture all of your precious moments! A deposit of $200.00 is required to book this party package.
$560.00 for (3 hours and 30 minutes)
The Womb Smudge $25.00 for 45 Minutes
Bridal V-Steam Celebration Bring the bride to tighten and tone up before the honeymoon. Rejuvenate & Release Stress before the big day. You will enjoy our V-Steam and Womb Treatment with a glass of refreshing tea to purify the body. Up to a party of 6 guests for 2 hours. $50.00 Per Person for 2 Hours


Music Artist Kourtney Heart came to Body In Motion for her V-Steam Treatment.
New Orleans native has a one-in-a-million voice and a star-powered personality.
REPOST FROM @kourtneyheart15: "‪#‎KHeartBeats‬ I got the BEST ‪#‎VSteam‬treatment ever at B.I.M Fitness I recommend EVERYONE to go and try it!! Also, ladies if you're looking for an amazing atmosphere to learn pole dancing and take cool classes THIS is your spot! For more information go to their website, you won't be disappointed"

Tiffany Sarac Haddish is an American dancer, comedian and actress.
Tiffany Haddish has appeared in the following movies:
Janky Promoters, Meet The Spartans, Racing For Time with my husband @actorgregwill,Reality Bites Back, The Urban Demographic and The Great Debate.
Tiffany Haddish came to have her V-Steam Treatment @body_in_motion sponsored by @themamamaix.

FROM @tiffanyhaddish:
"So Yesterday I decide to get a V-Steam for a couple of reason. 1 Sense I been out here in New Orleans I have been feeling Hormonal and stressed. 2 I just wanted to relax...I remember reading about V-Steams and how they balance your Hormone levels and relax you. Then I came across a Groupon for a V-Steam and I just had to do it...... I was so relaxed and it felt so good to warm up the cookie. Slept like a baby that night and I don't feel like crying or killing... So I think it worked. I most likely will be doing this every month...... Thank you Shannon at @body_in_motion for being so kinda and having such a Cool Clean Place. I will be back for a Steam and maybe a Dance class too....

First I would like to thank you Shannon for making my dream come true. Approximately one year ago I read one of her advertisements on Instagram about a service she offered called V-steam and that one of its benefits was that it help women achieve a healthy pregnancy. After 8 years of trying to conceive and 2 miscarriages, I felt the need to contact Shannon for more information on the V-steam services. After explaining my situation, she took the time to explain exactly how the treatment works. Although I had doubts it would work, I decided to go in for the service. The atmosphere was calming and relaxing. Shannon explained what herbs she was using in the treatment and the advantages of them. After my treatment I immediately felt rejuvenating and energized. Still having doubts about the treatment actually working for fertility, I went in for another treatment. I am blessed to say that a month later I learned that I was 4 weeks pregnant. I am expecting a little princess on December 27th 2016!.This will be the best Christmas ever and I would like to thank you Shannon for making this Christmas one to remember.

Look At Our New V-Steam Baby..... Isn't She Absolutely Beautiful! I been wanting to write you to tell you how grateful I am that you introduced me to the V-Steam! I came a few years ago with Romekia "Peddie" Freeman for the pole dancing class and left a new woman! I was told by my doctor that I couldn't have kids but after getting right from the V-Steam, I now have a 4 month old that I truly adore! After doing the treatment my cycle became regular and my hormones was back on track! So I want to say thank you!!
-- Alexis Williams

carrie_bambi Eight years ago I married my husband and we decided we wanted another child since we had already had a 2 year old. We talked about having our kids 2 years apart. Well things didn't go as we planned. We tried and tried. I began to notice after 4 years of trying that maybe I should lose some weight since I was much smaller when I had our first child! So I joined a gym that I never made it to lol. A good friend of mine wanted to try something called poll fitness. Now needless to say me being a plus size chick I was skeptical that I would fall, break a bone, or better yet break the people's polls. However I went! I got there and was welcomed with open arms. I tried my best but felt defeated that I couldn't do it. So I said next week I would return and go hard as I could! Guess what I did everything I couldn't do in the 1st class. I was so excited that I brought several friends back with me until I notice I was losing weight. I began going every single day. I spoke with Shannon and told her that my doctor mention if I was serious about having a baby I needed to lose some weight. From there she made it her mission to help me lose weight. I started weighing over 300 pounds and within the year I had gotten down to 259. However life took over and I had to work more and wasn't able to attend class as much as I wanted to. The weight began to go back up. During the process I also found out that I had fibroids and that it may keep me from having a baby. Shannon started researching everything that was wrong with me and what I should be doing and not be doing. She made sure I was eating right. I began taking fertility medication but they didn't work. Shannon began doing research on going the holistic route. She told me something about V-Steams. The only thing I knew about them was Tia and Tamera got one on a show I was watching and that it made your cookie hot lol. She began to explain that it cleanses your vagina and that it helps with fibroids and getting your hormones in order and it also helps with getting you pregnant! So we tried it for weeks. However work got in the way. I started giving up and wasn't patient enough. So I stop and although Shannon was being very motivating, encouraging and praying with and for me I just had given up. She kept pushing me and telling me lets keep trying I need you to steam. When are you coming to steam. I need you to come to boot camp. Are you eating right? I thought well damn she really is giving her all and I should too!!! So at the beginning of 2015 I said I will make as many classes of boot camp as I could and steam as many times as she said. Guess what!!! On Mardi Gras night I found out I was PREGNANT!!! I guess it took for me to actually listen and follow her directions and look what happen!!! I encourage you that if your trying to have another kid please take with Shannon. Not only will she do the research but she will go to the ends and back to make you pregnant!!! I guess if I had listen the first few thousand times I would have had another kid! But once I really got serious about her plan for me looked what happened!!!! Faith without work is dead! When I got my faith I knew I had to do the work!!! Feeling Blessed!!! -- Carrie

IMG_20150301_155017 "My experience today was awesome ! Ms.Shannon is the bomb.com. I feel like the v-steam put my whoa-ha all in check ....like Busta Rymes would say lol. I will be back!"

3f1f27aa-641d-11e3-b0e7-12313d14bd6b-largeI had the V Steam service at Body In Motion. At first I was apprehensive, but after reading about the health benefits and because I suffer with painful fibroid tumors I decided to give it a try. The atmosphere in the steam room is very clean and relaxing. The music is soothing I was enjoying the vibe before my steam began. I disrobed put on my wrap and sat on the steamer.

It kind of looks like a throne lol. The mist was warm and almost immediately a calming feeling came over me. The service takes forty five minutes. After I was steamed I was brought over to a massage table and given a womb treatment. My stomach rubbed with a healing clay mask and warm towels and a heating pad was placed on it. The over all experience was great. I left feeling clean and calm. I encourage ladies to research the benefits and try the V Steam. It's the extra pampering that we deserve to treat ourselves to. -- Mia X

chrisI contacted La Joan Williams to get more information on the Steam Treatment. Due to the information I seen posted on her social media page. She stated to me that it would be beneficial to me to give it a try. I always experienced a lack of energy and body aches, I went to the doctor and had a number of different tests performed. All of my results came back negative.

I called Body In Motion to have the Steam Treatment to see if it would help me with some of my symptom. I explained to Shannon how I was feeling, and how I could not complete my workouts due to my lack of energy. My heart rate was 171 and I could not complete my work out on the trend mill. My lifestyle is highly intense and I find myself always in meetings or on conference calls. So I can’t afford to not have energy or have body aches.

Since my treatment I can say I feel so much better, and I felt better right after my first initial treatment. My heart since last Friday is now 148 which are damn good for me. My energy level has improved I’m not sluggish and I was able to complete my workout these last few days. It was like a sign of relief. I have started making a lifestyle change on the way I eat. And increasing my meal intake to speed up my metabolism like Shannon asks me to do. It has been hard because, I don’t eat a lot do to my lifestyle which is hurting my body and causing me not to lose the weight I would like to.

One thing I can say, it was super weird when she asked me did I smoke. I never, ever mention to her I smoke. After my treatment, she was able to smell the cigarette smoke which came from my body. I was like Damn are you serious, how did you know I smoke? She said I can smell the strong smoke smell which has been released from your body. This is a powerful treatment, Shannon ask me to stop smoking due to the fumes from my body were overbearing. I recommend this treatment to everyone; it is very beneficial to your health. This treatment has become part of my lifestyle, I’m glad I did have this treatment.
-- Chris - National Booking Agent / Entertainment Manager

I tried the V-Steam vaginal tighten for the first time a couple months ago. And when I tell you I was so amazed far as the experience I had. Shannon made sure I was comfortable and relaxed. And ever since then I been getting the treatment, my partner enjoys it so much till he reminds me of setting appointments up to get the V-Steam Treatment. "SEX" is awesome in the bedroom. I would recommend everybody to try it. Thanks again Shannon is the best!!!!
-- Darcell

roxanneMy first time experiencing the V-steam was during my visit to Body In Motion. I've always heard stories and read about the v-steam on the internet, which had me feeling a little unsure about doing it. Once I stepped into Body In Motion it was complete comfort. Mrs. Shannon Williams and her staff were very welcoming to her studio. The v-steam wasn't bad at all, infact it was very relaxing. Everything in the atmosphere was set to calm your mood. I really enjoyed my moment of peace as I sat there and let the steam work through my body. One thing I have noticed since my steam is that during my following menstrual cylce I wasn't having the horrible cramps that I always get. I definitely plan on going back to Body In Motion for another v-steam as weell as the pole fitness classes.
Roxanne S. Hernandez
Creator, InTheMixxNews.com

firstladyFirst Lady Gwendolyn Jarrell-Jones
Hi Ladies! I would like to take this opportunity to share with you all my experience I had with the V-Steam. Pursuant to the conversation I had with Shannon about the fibroid tumors that I have, the painful experience with my monthly cycle and that I am scheduled to have a hysterectomy because of the bleeding and pain she suggested that I come to her facility and try the treatment called the V-Steam. Not knowing what V-Steam Treatment was or what it do I asked Shannon to explain it to me. According to Shannon the V-Steam is an herbal detoxification process that helps to cleanse, nourish and protect the reproductive system. She also explained to me in detail everything that would take place before, during and after the treatment. Once explained I said I would give it a try. Upon my arrival at Shannon's facility I entered the room and got myself prepared for my treatment While sitting on the _________ the warm steam cam rising up hitting the walls of my vagina. It was relaxing and soothing at the same time. The music was so tranquil and calming to the soul. It was awesome. The first three (3) days after the treatment I used the restroom consistently. It was a cleansing of my insides. WOW!!! In addition, I did not experience any cramps or pain when my cycle came down and I lost a couple of pounds. I really enjoyed the treatment and I look forward to future treatments. I suggest that all women give the V-Steam a try because everyone’s experience is different.

P.S. I went to my doctor's appointment about 3 weeks after everything was done and was told that I do not have to have a hysterectomy but I do need to get the fibroids removed!! Praise the LORD! Thanks Shannon, You were God sent! Lady Gwen

I must admit I was a bit apprehensive about the V-steam when I was first informed of it. I did my research and decided to give it a go. Now I'm pretty sure it's going to be a regular regiment for me. Yes the V-steam is incredibly relaxing and has many health benefits that we don't feel right away, but there are two I did feel and notice. One would be when I my cycle came I did not have intense cramps as I normally do. The next would be intercourse YES it makes a difference!!! I think every woman should try it at least once. We take care of our hair, nails, and exercise our bodies. This should be apart that happy healthy regiment. To detox are bodies and keep it tight and right all at the same time and as women we all deserve some relaxation in our lives. I loved it. - Amanda

My name is Briana, and I'm 26 years old. I've had a pretty rough road as far as pregnancy goes. The first time I got pregnant I was 17 years old, and that pregnancy ended with a miscarriage. I had my first child at 21 years old, and he was born with several abnormalities that greatly affected his and my life. After my son was born, I waited until age 23 to try again. My husband and I tried and tried to get pregnant for a year without success. Finally, I got pregnant again; I had 2 miscarriages within months of each other. I got pregnant a third time, and that resulted in a 3lb baby girl with trisomy 18, she only lived 3 days. After my daughter I tried again, and once more had a miscarriage. After that miscarriage I started pole fitness at Body In Motion to get my mind off of things. A very good friend of mine talked to Shannon about my situation, and Shannon recommended that I try a treatment called the V - steam. She said that it had awesome benefits for someone like me, as well as women in general. It cleanses out our impurities, and is very healthy and recommended for females, especially those looking to conceive. I didn't know exactly what to expect, but the experience was awesome. It was calming, comfortable, and it felt good afterwards, I just felt peaceful, cleansed, and ready to try again. The next cycle that I got I tried again while ovulating, and I'm very happy to reveal that I am pregnant again, with a healthy baby girl! I planned to go for a treatment at least once a month, but after only 1 treatment I achieved what I'd been looking for all along... A positive result and a healthy baby!
Thank you Shannon!!!

Better than a massage!!! At first I was skeptical about trying the V Steam because I didn't know a lot about it. Once I went into the room and read about it, I was very impressed about the benefits of the V Steam. I have to admit that I've never felt more relaxed and I highly recommend this to everyone. It's been a little over a week since my V Steam and I still feel great. -- LaJoan

When I entered the room I instantly felt at peace. The tranquil music flowing through the room really made me feel relaxed. I got so lost in the comfort of the atmosphere that I didn't realize that my treatment was over. After the v steam my whole body felt light and relaxed. I would definitely recommend to anyone interested in doing it to go for it. The atmosphere alone will make you go back for more. -- Sierra

I learned of the V-Steam while going through the Body In Motion website looking at the classes they offered. After further research and reading about the benefits, I was immediately intrigued. I have PCOS and very painful pre-menstrual and menstrual cramping and was curious to if this would help. And, let's be honest ... your "girl" takes a beating - so why not treat her to a little pampering?!? Decision made. Appointment set.

A little nervous, I went in for my steam. After speaking with Shannon, my apprehensions went away. She is very warm, welcoming and listens to you. She wants to know about why you're interested in treatment so she can customize the herbs to your specific issues and offer you any other tips and advice. She is very knowledgeable and genuinely cares about people and you can pick up on that immediately!

The treatment room is softly lit, quiet and has very relaxing music playing. I disrobed and headed to the "throne"! I was super impressed that Shannon actually cleans (again) the seat in front of every client so you have no doubt you are sitting on a clean seat. Once you have a seat, your feet are place on warm blocks, a homemade relaxation/stress-relieving ointment is rubbed on your neck, a warm pillow is wrapped around your neck, Shannon lets you know she'll check on you in a few minutes for temperature changes if needed and headphones are placed over your ears with the soothing music playing. You're taken away from the rest of the world. Total relaxation.

The steam felt wonderful when it initially hit me. It was a very different feeling, but in a good way! Within minutes my whole body was warm and my "girl" was enjoying the warm herbal moisture that she was being wrapped in. My whole body enjoyed the benefits of the herbal steam and completely relaxed. A few more minutes later, I was knocked out lol! I'm sure Shannon came to check on me, but obviously my temperature wasn't too hot if I was peacefully sleeping. At the end of my session the timer went off (it's not startling ... just enough to wake me up) and Shannon came to see how I felt and help me off the throne. It was over.

I had the BEST SLEEP EVER that night! A solid 8 hours of deep sleep. I woke up refreshed and relaxed. Normally I have severe cramps 2-3 days prior to my cycle. After my first treatment, I only had minor cramping the morning my cycle started! For me ... that's great! So, I scheduled V-Steam #2. I plan on making this a part of my normal healthcare regimen. Anything that helps with my cramps, has so many vaginal benefits and pampers my "girl" is worth it to me!

After finding out I was pregnant I contacted Shannon who advised me about her holistic & doula services. At first I wasn't sure what a doula was but after Shannon sent me information & explained everything in detail I was ready to sign up! The day my son was born Shannon was there to help me through the whole process. I had c section so I couldn't do much I was so happy to have her there to help me out & make me feel comfortable, even the nurses were intrigued. When I came home from the hospital I was still in a lot of pain so I called Shannon & she came to my rescue. Her pain therapy techniques & tea concoction was better than the pain medicine my Dr. gave me. I was so surprised how quick it worked! After my 6 week checkup I went in for my 1st v steam treatment. My stomach was still swollen from the pregnancy so I really hoped the process would help my uterus & stomach shrink back to its normal size. The entire experience was so relaxing. I can already see results! I'm really pleased with the services I've received from Shannon & Body in Motion. I still plan on going for my weekly v steam sessions to continue on my post pregnancy journey. I am so thankful for everything. I would recommend Body in Motion services to EVERYONE! Don't be afraid to try something new people you won't regret it! -- Martha

I can't Thank Body in Motion enough for my V-Steam services. I've had a hysterectomy so my body no longer cleanses itself and I was tired of the apple cider soaked tampons I was using to cleanse monthly. I was a very skeptical about trying the service in the beginning, but after reading all I could find and talking with Shannon I was sold on the experience. On my first visit (and yes I said first) I walked in the room still nervous but excited. The scenery was relaxing with smooth sounds of water playing in the background. Shannon prepped me for my steaming as she explained everything step by step. Still nervous thinking “what am I getting myself into"; I suddenly became at ease. The warm steam blowing in a place as such relaxed my body and mind; so relaxed I began to fall asleep. Shortly after (I felt it was short because I wasn't ready to leave) Shannon came to check on me as my services were ending. I was still in awe I didn't say much. After I dressed, sat and talked with Shannon about my experience and still couldn't really express the feeling of the cleaning. All I knew was I enjoyed it. LOL As we continued to talk I asked her if she steams kids due my daughter's on and off again aroma caused by her daily intake of sweets (I've spoken with her physician sever time regarding this same matter and I time and time again he says “Put Monistat on her, cut the juices and add more water to her diet". As we all know; working Moms can't watch everything their children eat or drink, especially at school. Long story short, Shannon suggested getting her daily vitamins and finding healthy snacks for her. Also she gave me bathing solutions to try. Needless to say my daughter hasn't had an odor or itch in 2 months, which is the longest she's went in the last year of her having them. THANKS SHANNON!!! Now back to this V-Steam. Hours later I was still relaxed and feeling energetic. I ran to the bathroom a lot but it was worth it. About three days later I still had that boost or energy and when bathing noticed the color of my area had lightened and was glossy (haven't seen that in years). ??A few weeks later I noticed the cut from my hysterectomy (mind you its 5 years old) seeming to be fading and ironically my GYN noticed it himself that following week. He also said the tissues beneath it seem soft and suggested whatever exercises and diet I was doing my body must be enjoying. Little does he know it had to be from the V-steam because I haven't changed a thing? That gave me the clarification I needed to go forth with making the V-Steam my monthly regime for my cleansing. I'm in love with this form of cleansing now. Third appointment in the making! -- Sharon

IMG_20140605_110442 I personally had an intimate V-Steam Session at "Body In Motion" in New Orleans, LA and it was Phenomenal! "Intimate Yoni-Flower Care" is Essential for All Women. I LOVED my personal selection of herb combinations and Shannon Williams is a very accommodating and soothing healing specialist. My entire body was relaxed and rejuvenated, ready for the next dance performance. Please give Shannon your support. She loves to take care of women and men, and has a wide array of services that are sure to enhance your longevity and quality of life. Herbal V-Steam, Ask about it. Best Wishes to You Shannon! -- IfaSeyi Bamigbala

IMG_20140623_153858Hello, my name is Sherrie Ashante and I am 40 years old with Stage 3 Breast Cancer. Before trying the V-Steam Treatment with Body In Motion. I felt really tired and had a lot of pain in my bones. But after my 1st V-Steam, I was able to sleep better at night and I didn't have anymore pelvic pain. After my 2nd V-Steam Treatment, which was right after a very bad dose of Chemo where my bones was really hurting bad. So bad I could not walk and I cried myself to sleep for 3 days because of the pain. I felt so much better after the V-Steam Treatment. No severe bone pain at all. I only had minor pain which allow me to take my trip to Orlando, Florida with my Family and enjoy The Hair Show.

I'm so blessed to have Shannon in my life. She seen the pain I was in from my post on my social media pages and told me, no honey you have to come and have a v-Steam Treatment. She also brew me some special teas' known for healing and building your immune system.

"GOD always place the right people in your life for a reason. "

And I'm very BLESS to have my Body In Motion Family in my life.

Love them so much especially Shannon. -- Love Sherrie Ashante, Soon To Be BREAST CANCER FREE SURVIOR

wifeyI've experienced other relaxing experiences in life (ie.massages,etc) but this was truly Relaxation at its BEST! The calm serene environment & melodious soothing sounds really accentuates the total experience! I wanted to experience it first but my Husband definitely will accompany me next time! He even stated that he feels a difference and that it feels "cleaner" lol, being that it IS a Detox! I can't wait to return! Thanks a Bunch for such outstanding experience! 😉

leggz Hey there my name is Leggz and I've been going to Body in Motion for pole fitness classes for over three months now, recently I built up enough courage to have a v-steam done. Ladies I can't lie it feels a little weird at first like a warm sensation from the inside out but after a few minutes it's a sense of calmness and relaxation that comes over your body. I felt at ease and soothed especially while listening to the calm tones in the back ground during my v-steam. Now one thing about me is I'm completely open and honest and Ladies... Ladies!! this v-steam works lets just say she was extra sensitive and extra moist. Like Ms Shannon said, "Guaranteed to make your man cum in 20 minutes or less!" Don't believe her or you have to see for yourself try is soon. Don't forget to call and book your appointment today i promise you and him won't regret it!! -- Leggz

648 Although I have been wanting to try the V-Steam for a while now, I was extremely nervous trying it. However, I'm so glad I did. The experience was very relaxing to say the least and I stayed relaxed throughout the evening. Usually only wine gets feeling that way. Also, I usually have at least 3 days of cramps before my monthly cycle and I honestly didn't have any cramps. I forgot it was coming as I usually have my cramps as a warning. I would definitely recommend trying the V-Steam whether its for health reasons or just to relax. It is more than worth the 45 minutes of your time. --Tiffany

unnamed I had never heard of the v – steam prior to my recent experience. I am a mother of 3 children; my youngest is 8 months old. When I was first introduced to the concept I was doubtful and nervous. I received a treatment and went home to test out my “new” gear. It was phenomenal! My husband was extremely pleased, to say the least. I certainly felt a big difference as well. Everything was more sensitive to the touch and my overall experience was definitely heightened and more intense. Needless to say, my guy is a big fan of the v-steam. Thank you, BIM!!! — Care Bear

I was kind of skeptical at first about the steam treatment because it was something brand new and I've never heard of it. I must admit, I'm very happy that I did. It was a great experience, felt very good after, and I also felt the change my body had that night and especially the next day! I will be back for my next appointment. Thank u Body In Motion for this awesome experience! -- Alex "(Kickboxer)"

pamela Had a great experience with the v- stream. It's very relaxing and comforting. Thanks,Shannon. -- Pamela

carrie2 My name is Carrie. I have been with Body In Motions for a little over 2 years now. I spoke with Shannon about me wanting to get pregnant and how I was having some issues conceiving. She told me about something called a V-Steam! She informed me that it's been a way to help people with issues like mine get pregnant and remove all the extra toxins that our body sometimes holds on too. I won't lie to you; I was scared but also very excited about the process. When I received the treatment I thought she has got me to do something crazy yet again! The treatment felt really good. It was relaxing and warm!!! After the treatment she told me to ask my husband how did he feel because not only was it beneficial for me but him as well!!! After a night with my boo thing (husband) he LOVED IT!!!!! He said it was great before but it's a little bit better. I think he was trying not to hurt my feelings but he was extremely excited about it!!!! I now have the V-Steam done on a regular basis. Believe me when I say it gives your Purse (vagina) and great shine and a good old snap back!!!!!

nicole Hi my name is Nicole. I tried the v-steam over at body in motion and it was a great experience. At first it was a tad bit awkward because it was something I never heard off .. I tried it and loved it. It was real rejuvenating.

storm Not knowing what to expect but keeping an open mind I embarked on a new and invigorating journey at Bodies n Motions. Not educated on v-spa I didn't no all the female health benefits it had to offer and it's also nice to know ways to keep the va-ga-ga healthy, pretty and tight.!!! (Lol) Walk into an atmosphere where there's scented aromatic candles burning, soft dim lights, a touch of light therapeutic music. Wrap yourself in pure softness, take a seat, let your legs hang, while hot compresses lye on your neck and let the V- spa do the rest! It's was the most stimulating, ultimately stress free experiences I've had in a spa ever. Even when your service is over, it's still not over. I was still feeling the soothing and comforting effects of my steaming herbal spa several hours later. It was the most invigorating and educating 45 minutes I've had with myself in a while, ladies. Come, treat yourself and enjoy! Thanks Shannon babe!!

derrick Shannon my thoughts on the v-steam was at first I was like what in the world was I getting myself in 2 but after I did I was happy I did it was very helpful and relaxing I cant wait 2 do it again! -- Derrick

I was kind of nervous of what I was about do I never heard of the v-steam but after I done it I felt the difference that night and the next day I had more energy and my husband felt the difference in our sex and he wants to come with me the next time I go.i had a very good experience with the v-steam I would recommend it 2 all my friend's. -- Mrs. Parker

happy_hour “HAPPY HOUR.” Because it feels like you JUST GOT OFF, because of what you JUST GOT ON. If you are at any level stressed, depressed, moody... I recommend you give it a try. I truly enjoyed the experience and will seriously push its success. -- SEVEN "Motivational Speaker"

gladys_brown Hello ladies: I'm here to tell you about the wonderful experience I've had with a Vagina Steam Bath (V. Steam). It's basically a Detoxing of your vagina and rejuvenates your whole pelvic area. It also nourishes, cleanses your cervix and uterus. V. Steams are very helpful for Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), yeast and bladder infections, and infertility; just to name a few. I have PCOS and suffer with horrible cramps. After trying the V. Steam for the first time I was shocked that it actually worked. Within the 45 min of my treatment the cramps were subsiding. It helped me a lot and it felt very relaxing. -- Gladys

ashley I was very skeptical about the V steam at first, so much so that Shannon had to actually trick me into the room and then lock the door behind me! Once I got comfortable I started to feel relaxed and the music and streaming water helped put me at ease. The steam was really warm, refreshing, and detoxifying (you'll get a little sweaty). I felt relaxed the rest of the day but recharged in the bedroom! ;} -- Ashley

r_reed After my first V Steam treatment I am quite intrigued by the process and plan to try it again. My initial treatment lasted roughly 30 minutes. I experienced mild cramping, which is very normal. About two days after the treatment, discharge appeared. I run and use an intra-uterine contraceptive device. Therefore, it is imperative that I maintain a clean system. While I can't speak to the effects on my menstrual cycle, the cleansing benefits are great. I look forward to my next treatment. -- R. Reed

judy The V Steam treatment was excellent! It was very relaxing as well. I felt and looked like a new person. I have been telling all of my friends about it. I can't wait for my next visit. -- Judy

I was hesitant to undergo a V Steam treatment at first but after hearing so many positive reviews from friends, I decided to give it a try. I must admit it was a pleasant and relaxing experience. At the time of my treatment, I was beginning to experience the usual symptoms associated with PMS such as fluid retention, cramping, and moodiness. My treatment lasted for 45 minutes and immediately relieved me of cramping and relaxed me. It also appeared to have served as a diuretic and my monthly bloating became non-existent within hours of my treatment. Thus, all my monthly discomforts diminished after my treatment. Two days after the treatment I am still feeling the benefits. I would definitely recommend indulging yourself with a V Steam treatment. -- Cheryl

sophia I recently tried the Vagina Steam Bath, otherwise known as V. Steam. Before I tried it I knew I had a Urinary Tract Infection (UTI). I was on antibiotics at the time. After the V. Steam treatment I noticed that I had a unique and funky smell coming from my vagina. This smell informed me that there was something wrong with my body and that my problem had not cleared. This process can make you aware of UTI’s and other problems that you may have going on inside your body. The smell went away in two days and I did not do anything extra for it to. I don’t know for sure if the UTI is gone but after the treatment I stopped experiencing the everyday side effects I was having due to the UTI. I definitely recommend this treatment to anyone. It can make you more in tune with your body and any problems you may have. The process itself is very comfortable and relaxing as well. -- Sophia

I would like to say my HIS Steam experience was different from what I'm used to when it comes to a detox. I've been working out for about 2 1/2 years & I tried many detox products & I must say I was very impress with my results from my HIS Steam experience. It was relaxing as if I was getting a massage & refreshing as you were to wake up in the country on the a beautiful spring day. I highly recommend the HIS Steam & will be experiencing it again. -- New Orleans Boss Man “Mayweather”

Hi ladies! I would love to share with you my recent experience with a new service called the V-Steam now being offered by Body in Motion. The V-Steam is an herbal detoxification process that helps to cleanse, nourish, and protect your reproductive system. It works by releasing beneficial nutrients into your body through an herbal steam for your vagina. The results of this treatment are nothing short of amazing! After 45 soothing minutes, I felt completely relaxed and rejuvenated. I am always on the run, but after the V-Steam I felt all of my stress just evaporate! I think every woman should take advantage of this treatment - you will not be disappointed with the results! -- S. Gilmore

kim_ye A couple of months ago, when I first heard the term “V-Steam” from Shannon, I goggled it. One you tube video and a few informational websites later, I was certain that this treatment, beneficial as it is for one’s health, was not for me. The thought of hot steam rising towards my lovely lady parts seemed downright painful. Now fast forward to Columbus Day 2013, I became a willing “victim” to this age old treatment and had my first V-steam experience. To my surprise, it was quite relaxing and soothing, not painful like I imagined. That evening, I fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow and that rarely ever happens. The next day I noticed a change in my metabolism. Instead of bowel movement in the evening, I’ve been having them in the morning. It only took one steam session to knock me out for the night to convince me that this treatment is for me! I look forward to my next session but I’ll have to make sure to schedule it after I play on the pole! -- Kim

bella_dana Well when I first heard about V-Stream, all I can think of is “ARE YOU KIDDING ME", I really didn't think I could do it. But recently, I've finally gave it a try and it was relaxing and warming. I had a certain spike of energy and then a hour later I was super tired, slept like a baby that night. The next morning, I experience frequent urination; I was also very relaxed, kind of like how you feel after getting a nice body massage. I would recommend this to any lady who wants a non invasive and health way of cleansing their body. I even read that it has a positive effect on your sex experience but I'll have to elaborate on that in another testimony 🙂 -- Bella Dana

kelly_shaw I received a phone call from Shannon Thursday morning around 7am about coming to the studio later that evening to try something new she is having at the studio. Once I made it there of course I was very questionnaire about what it was and what we would be doing and of course she wouldn’t tell me until I got in the room. Once I got in the room and she started explaining everything to me and telling what the Herbal V-Steam was about I thought this is something that would be very useful and healthful to me being that some of the things that it helps with runs in my family such as cancer, menstrual support and others. The steam that was arising hitting my vagina and buttocks at first felt a little weird but in turn became very relaxing. The heated towel that was placed on my neck with the herbs was also relaxing and soothing. Once the process was done I felt very relaxed. I had also been fighting a cold/flu like symptoms so before I went in I was sneezing, nose running, etc. and once I made it home I did not have any of the symptoms. I laid down when I got home and went straight to sleep. I slept like a baby. The next morning I felt refreshed and symptom free. I will definitely be back in two weeks for my next treatment. Thanks again Shannon for introducing such a great detoxing healthy process for women and men!!! Love yah Hun!!! -- Kelly

jen I was nervous about getting the v-steam at first, but after trying I must say I would do it again and encourage others to do it as well. It was like a spa down low. It's VERY relaxing. By the time I finished, my cramps were gone, the room stopped spinning from vertigo, and I even felt a few pounds lighter! It was an interesting yet delightful experience and I can't wait for my next steam so I can keep my purse tight, healthy, and happy. -- Jen

navis The environment in body in motion was tranquil and relaxing. The v~ stream was different but enjoyable. I feel my v~area is tighter than before. --Navis

legacy Hi, my name is Legacy. I was recently treated to new and interesting procedure called V-STREAM at Body n Motion by Mrs Shannon. Needless to say as a Nurse, I was very curious and skeptical about the whole thing. I didn't know what to expect or feel or think. During the whole process, I felt very relaxed. It was a very invigorating experience. From the time I sat on top of the steam bath to the time she placed the warm towel on my back, I felt so calm and relaxed. ..I even forgot I was on it for a while. I will definitely be making the V-Steam apart of my ritual so I can keep it right and keep it tight! !! Thanks Mrs Shannon.

kristal I have to admit when I was asked to sit down bear bottom I was very concerned about a few things. As I gradually sat down the warmness from the steam enticed me to try it out! While steaming, I can feel my body opening up with an ease type of feeling. My most appreciative thoughts from using the v-steam is the comfort it gave my abdominal muscles. I tend to cramp up a lot with or without my cycle and during that particular day I was cramping a little earlier but that night (Friday) through today (Monday) I haven’t experienced cramps yet. I was hinted it would cleanse, tone, and nourish my cervix, uterus, and vaginal tissues, and to think of it as a soothing detox for the female anatomy. I would defiantly encourage other women to come try the v-steam; it cleans out your body organically and relaxes you at the same time. Also, as I did my research on them Ob/Gyn highly recommends them for females. Vaginal steam baths (aka “chai-yok”), “reduce stress, fight infections, clear hemorrhoids, regulate menstrual cycles and aid infertility, among many other health benefits.” -- Kristal

I had never heard of the v - steam prior to my recent experience. I am a mother of 3 children; my youngest is 8 months old. When I was first introduced to the concept I was doubtful and nervous. I received a treatment and went home to test out my "new" gear. It was phenomenal! My husband was extremely pleased, to say the least. I certainly felt a big difference as well. Everything was more sensitive to the touch and my overall experience was definitely heightened and more intense. Needless to say, my guy is a big fan of the v-steam. Thank you, BIM!!! -- Care Bear

"I recently tried the V-steam as a surprise from Miss Shannon.. I didn't know what was going on! But after I tried it I relaxed and instantly understood. Although I had never heard of v-steams before (Miss Shannon gave me some helpful info though) I knew all about herbs and their medicinal properties, so it was pretty exciting to try. It was very relaxing and warm. I was also having really bad cramps, and as soon as it was over and I got in my car I noticed that I didn't have cramps anymore. Amazing! There are a lot of different health problems I was reading from the info that Miss Shannon gave me that the V-steam is supposed to help, and I didn't really have any problems, but I did notice some changes afterwards - just feeling less stiff and more relaxed in general, and some extra enjoyment in the bedroom. Thanks Miss Shannon!" -- Bonnie