What You Should Wear

  • A B.I.M T-shirt and Black Shorts
  • (Or shirt of your choice)
  • Bare feet, Sneakers or heels in the height your body can handle.

We at B.I.M Fitness and Dance Studio would like for all our members to feel as comfortable as possible. When you are here at B.I.M Fitness and Dance Studio doing Rhythmic Fitness, you will see that you will rely on your skin to grip the pole. When you have fabric between you and the pole, you will not be able to grip the pole sufficiently to hold on and you will not be able to achieve a lot of the moves we teach.

You are also allowed to wear short gym shorts, tank tops, and sports bras. No tights, capri’s, stockings or leggings.

If you choose to wear heels then choose the height you feel comfortable with and can walk in. Also choose something that fits your foot firmly and preferably has a strap to hold it onto your feet. We do not allow members to wear slip on heels under any circumstances as unidentified objects (shoes) can be a disaster!

Skin must be free of oils and lotions for all courses. This means anything you put on your skin including: Moisturizer, Tanning Products, Skin Oils, Hand Cream, Arnica, Therapeutic Products and Body Shimmers. We tell you this as any lotions on your skin get onto the poles and your grip will be affected. You will also leave the poles greasy and slippery which makes them dangerous to all pole users. We request you remove all jewelry. This includes: rings, necklaces, bracelets, watches, dangling/hoop earrings, anklets and any body piercing with chains attached.

Hand and foot jewelry can affect your grip on the pole and can scratch and damage you and the poles!

Erotic Professional such as lap dancing, striptease and pole dancing should not be confused with or compared to pole fitness.