Strength Training and Pole Fitness
This session will introduce you to a fun sexy exercise that will not only build muscle; it helps with weight loss, relieves stress, and builds self-esteem. We focused on safety basic pole grips, struts, floor and standing moves. You will be introduced to beginner stretching and strength training exercises that will be focused on preparing you to confidently climb spin and lift on the pole no matter your size, body type or age. Strength Training & Pole Dance Fitness helps build muscle strength, aids flexibility and includes cardio exercise activity that promises to burn up to 500 calories per hour. While toning arms, abdominal, buttocks, and legs. No dance experience required!

Twerk Out Class
This session will introduce you to Twerking quick movements with high intensity moves which provide a great heart-pounding cardio workout that works your core into shape!! We will fire up the quads (from squatting) and glutes (from booty shaking) and hamstrings, which will help shape your legs and butt. Our instructor teaches you the sexiest booty shaking techniques! Pop, Shake, Clap, Bounce, Grind, Booty Rolls, Thigh Shakes, Jiggle & Wiggle to the hottest hip-hop/R & B music which will give you sexy buns of steel. Whittle your waist with our and burn up to 300 calories in 30 minutes! Double Pole teaches you to trust your partner and build confidence to work as a team player. Paying attention to your partners body language and know when to make your next move while making sure your partner is secure in the transitions. Work on brand new tricks and combos that use 2 girls on one pole doing doubles routine.

Sensual Moves & Pole Fitness
This session will take you to the next level of sensuality incorporating many sensual movements on the pole as well as walking with confidence and sensual floor movements. Every class consists of a warm up stretch and pole work which sometimes involves the use chairs and other props to help students attain maximum range of having a full body in motion workout, which will leave you feeling sexy and powerful! (Knee pads and /or leg warmers are appreciate for class as well).

Sumptuous Nite
This session will teach you sensual movements including slow sexy leg work, Hair whips, body rolls some floor work and some awesome choreography. Using a chair for support and resistance against your own body weight and sexy routines. Gain your inner strength, confidence, flexibility and release your inner diva! Get ready to feel sexy and sinfully sumptuous! You will learn lap dancing moves & sexy routines. A fun workout that you can bring home with you by yourself or for your partner! In this class you will learn sumptuous dance basics routines and get an awesome workout at the same time.

Crunk It Up Friday
Ladies; It’s The Weekend. Why not start it off with a BLAST! CRUNK IT UP FRIDAY is designed for any and everyone who is looking for a fun way to work out and eliminate stress. You will dance to the latest up beat music, burn fat, lose weight, tone your body and improve your cardiovascular health. You won’t even realize you’re working out!

Pole Gymnastics
This session will teach you hand stand, concentrate on aerial tricks, splits and holds. Cartwheels, back bends and give tips on improving your flexiblity and strength. Along with contortion positions to help you connect to the pole and floor work.

Stilettos Boot Camp
This class is a fun, sexy way to strengthen your quads, calves, hamstrings, and of course your buttock. Stiletto Boot Camp is a great wat to help women improve balance and posture, while unleashing your Inner Diva!

What do you need to bring to this class?
Stilettos or if you are a first timer your most comfy pair of heels, wedges, and any size heels. This class is design for everyone, come join us for great music, fun dancing, and most of all our impressive results.
After this workout, you will leave feeling Strong, Sexy, and Powerful
Come for our Killer Stilettos Boot Camp Workout.

NOTE: Stilettos Boot Camp is not intended for anyone who has had knee surgery and moves can be modified for newbies.

(Bring Stilettos, Comfy Heels, Wedges, and any size heels)