Let B.I.M. help you lose weight, improve muscles and more

Body In Motion (B.I.M.) Fitness & Dance Studio offers Pole Fitness classes, which strengthens your body, mind and spirit. Pole Fitness allows clients to burn up to 500 calories an hour while toning arms, abdominal, buttocks, and legs. Pole Dancing improves muscles, helps with weight loss, relieves stress, and builds self-esteem.

B.I.M Fitness and Dance Studio’s dedication to you is that every class will be exciting and classy. We feel that our entertainment and ambiance are the key elements to a consistent workout routine. Our goal is to keep you fit and motivated in making you look and feel better. We will provide monthly meal plans and check body weight monthly. Our staff will be there to discuss any concerns that you may have and work together to keep you fit and satisfied. All discussions or concerns will be kept confidentially.

B.I.M Fitness and Dance Studio will teach safety, awareness, how to stretch, relax, concentrate and alignment first and if the client has the strength for weight bearing, they can move on to a more challenging workout. Pole Dancing builds confidence, flexibility, concentration, athleticism, skills, dexterity, grace, coordination and sensuality.

Pole Fitness is the ultimate full body workout. B.I.M instructors will teach erotic dance moves, floor work, pole tricks, and transitions. The workout will elongate and tone muscles while harnessing sexual energy to improve confidence and arouse libido. Please wear workout clothes and knee pads if needed once you have entered into the B.I.M Fitness workout mind explosions.

Pole Parties
Body In Motion’s services also includes hosting some of the hottest pole parties and pole events in town. We have a pole party package to fit any budget. Whether it’s your birthday, bachelorette party, or just a girls night out, B.I.M.’s ambiance and entertainment are second to none. You and your guests will laugh, let loose, dance and discover the sexy inner diva. Have your party where friends come to work it out! Book your pole party now!

V-Steam Services
Body In Motion, the first to launch V-Steam services in the New Orleans area, is proud to introduce The Real MIA X as our Sponsor and Spokesperson for the V-Steam Treatment at our studio! We also have a little something for the men. Learn about our His Steam Bath.