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This year marks our 5th Year Anniversary. We would like to say “Thank You” to all of our members for your support. We work hard for you to have a place “Where Friends Come To Work It Out.”

3f1f27aa-641d-11e3-b0e7-12313d14bd6b-large Body In Motion Is PROUD To Announce that The Real MIA X is now our Officially Sponsor and Spoke Person for The V-STEAM Treatment at Body In Motion Fitness & Dance Studio! Reserve your treatment today!
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Shannon and Gregory Williams, business owner and operator engineer of B.I.M. Fitness and Dance Studio is featured in the February 2013 Essence Magazine. Check them out.

Body In Motion featured in the Voice Magazine, pages 150 to 154. Click here to check it out

Success Story: July 2014 – Mr. Sticks

Mr SticksI first got started with pole acrobats a few years ago when a co-worker of mine had a pole party at Body In Motion one night for her birthday, and me being me whose very opened minded, really wanted to go. Not that I thought pole dancing was a bad thing, I just at the time didn’t really know that men could do it too. Once at the party/class I found that I was not that bad for a first timer and fell in LOVE with the class the place, the people, and what else the pole. Mind you I always saw pole dancing as a awesome thing. To me it’s more than just dancing, it’s a art form, it’s kinda dark, mysterious and sexy. Which is why I like all the slow songs and ballads. To be able to go up in the air on a pole it’s like your in a new zone and time stops for the dancer and the people that watch it. And to be able to go to a place like Body In Motion and learn all those thing is really one of the greatest things to me. I’m one of those people who really like a lot of things and realize that I can’t stop myself at just liking something. All the things I like I actual do, I like art all my life, so as a kid I learned to draw and great at. I like animal, so I work them. I like photography and I got a camera and started taking pictures. So why stop there, I love pole acrobats so now I’m in class swinging like I’m on the chandeliers (yea I said it). Besides I always wanted to be some kind of dancer and being a part of Body In Motion I can do it. Now all I think about is pole acrobats and every song I hear on the radio I think to myself if I want to do a routine to it or not. I watch YouTube all the time looking for new pole tricks to try out and learn. I still have some way to go on some things but I’m in it for the long run. Besides everybody who know me keep telling me that I have the personality of a burlesque dancer and very fine with that.