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New Studio Opening Soon

Thank you so much to the loyal family and friends of Body In Motion. We have some great news or you! In order to ensure our friends have the most current equipment available to work that body, we are revamping our program and our future facility is on the way! Check our website for the opening date and location of our brand NEW Body In Motion and bring your gear because it's going to be fabulous!

Member Spotlight: Eevee

june_july_memberWhen I took my first pole fitness class at Body In Motion February 2015, I had no idea I would fall so much in love with it and still be here doing it today! Before BIM I was shy, gave up on things easily and doubted myself a lot. But the confidence I've gained doing pole fitness has spread to every other area of my life. I'm not afraid to take risks or try new things anymore. Once you feel okay hanging upside using your own body weight not much else seems intimidating after that 😉

I had no idea the impact this would have on my confidence, peace of mind, flexibility, strength and most of all my body...I look GOOD. I love that I'm breaking stigmas of girls who pole as well as girls with muscles. BIM truly is a family, one I'll certainly be a part of for a longtime.

- Eevee